AI Acumen in Housing Finance

Leading with Data Science 2024
AIAHF provides students with the knowledge and skills to ethically and efficiently use industry data and SaaS technologies to understand the housing finance markets, products, customers, and lenders. The 7-week course emphasizes data literacy, application of data analysis to real-life scenarios, and explores the promise and peril of AI/GenAI technologies in the housing industry. The course consists of live instruction, on-demand videos, guest speakers, exercises, and hands-on data analysis using interactive apps.

To earn a certificate, participants should attend the live sessions (or complete the video recordings), thoughtfully complete the assignments, use the interactive dashboards to perform assignments, and take full advantage of the knowledge management platform.

The expected work load is 2-3 hours per module (including class and office hours), depending on the individual learning style and whether the participants would like to earn the certificate.

Why AI Acumen in Housing Finance?
The AI in Housing Finance (AIAHF) is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in understanding and working with data specific to the housing finance industry. This course recognizes that a deep understanding of the industry's data is crucial for successfully applying AI and machine learning techniques to real-world use cases.
Students will work with diverse datasets, modeled in interactive dashboards including single-family loan-level data, Agency RMBS, FHA, U.S. census data, and potentially other data sets. This exposure will help students develop a holistic view of the industry and its key drivers, which will cultivate fluency in translating business questions into analytics questions.
Through hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios, students will learn to efficiently navigate, analyze, and interpret complex housing finance datasets using interactive tools and apps. These skills are essential for deriving meaningful insights and making data-driven decisions.
AI use cases
By gaining a deep understanding of the industry's data landscape, Students will be better equipped to identify potential use cases for AI and machine learning. They will learn to assess the feasibility and impact of AI applications, ensuring that the solutions they develop are grounded in industry realities and deliver tangible value.
Housing Finance Domain
The course emphasizes the importance of domain knowledge in effectively applying data science and AI techniques. Students will learn to use data to identify business challenges and to seek data-driven solutions.

Hands-on Learning

Breadth and depth of data, tools, and resources
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin

Instructors for AI Acumen In Housing Finance

Delivered by practitioners data scientists and certified mortgage bankers
  • Val Buresch
    Founder and CEO
    Val Buresch is the driving force behind Polygon Research, drawing from her deep experience in mortgage banking, including roles at Bank of America and Citibank. She has an MBA from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, multiple certifications from the Mortgage Bankers Association, and serves as the Chairman of the Certified Mortgage Banker Society.

  • Greg Oliven
    Chief Technology Officer
    Greg leads our software, cloud, and data science teams at Polygon Research. Known for the commitment and expertise he brings to each product and client engagement, Greg's work is focused on leading clients through the virtuous cycle that starts with competitive advantage and leads to a better way of doing business for all. He holds a BA from Cornell University and an MBA from the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.
What Do LWDS Participants Say about Leading With Data Science Course?
  • I really enjoyed the class and thought it was excellent. I learned so much and look forward to continuing to hone these newfound interests and skills. "
    Young professional
    Credit Union
  • I truly found the Leading with Data Science course to be deeply interesting and valuable.

  • I am better prepared to perform market and competitor analysis and understand industry data. LWDS pushed me beyond my comfort level by introducing new tools to analyze data. The teaching methodology included live instructor-led lectures (recorded for re-viewing), office hours to ask questions, and challenging [projects]. The Polygon Research team was always available for assistance. This course is helpful to both individuals starting in real estate and those already in the industry that want to improve their knowledge of data analytics. It also serves as a solid base for those planning to go deeper into data analytics.
    Mortgage Lender
  • Attending the Data Science course from Future Leader Housing program was one of the most important highlights during my summer internship. I was able to learn the fundamentals of data science, how to use the tools, and the terminology. I was also impressed the guest speakers we were able to meet during office hours. During the classes, all the instructors were very engaging and patient regardless the level of the questions. I felt comfortable to execute the projects even though I'm not fluent in coding. [T]he instruction were very clear and the instructors are there whenever I have any questions. Definitely recommend to anyone who [is into] Data Science or like to get into Data Science in the housing industry.
    Mortgage Lender