Qlik Federal Summit
June 7, 2019
HMDAVision poster on display at the Qlik Federal Summit June 6, 2019
The 2019 Qlik Federal Analytics Summit in Washington, DC showcased the evolution Qlik has been going through over the past two years, which has created a really compelling value proposition:

  • Data Literacy mission―Qlik's campaign to democratize data is in its second year and going strong. It is at the heart of a virtuous cycle to both improve society (literacy is good!) and advance Qlik's brand.
  • Adept moves regarding scalability and portability―Qlik Sense on Kubernetes; true portability across public or private cloud, on-premise, and SaaS (Qlik or managed service provider).
  • Impressive enhancements in the analytics engine that powers Qlik Sense―rich APIs; Qlik Core; Associative Big Data Index.
  • Solid ecosystem―Qlik recently purchased Qlik Data Catalyst (Podium Data) for data management and data discovery, and Attunity for data movement and data integration. These new products – now with deeper hooks into Qlik Sense, while retaining their heterogeneous integration capabilities – paint a compelling end-to-end picture for data architects, while squarely communicating to the C-suite that their investment in Qlik won't paint them into a corner.

In addition to Qlik's own content, this event is always a great chance to see the great things the federal government and non-profits (e.g. Office of the Undersecretary of Defense; GSA; Mercy Ships) are achieving. They are the embodiment of Qlik CEO Mike Capone's entreaty that if you want to compare Qlik to its competitors, choose a hard challenge you're facing and real outcomes you are trying to achieve. To everyone we met yesterday: keep up the great work!
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