2019 HMDA Rankings

April 14, 2020
The annual spring HMDA release can be a chance to confirm some things you already knew about the US mortgage market, but also to be surprised by many things you didn't. And when you have 5 years' of HMDA data in one place like we do in HMDAVision, you can see the ups and downs of the competitive landscape.

The 2019 data carries with it an extra element of significance: it shows a snapshot of the market just before everything changed with the onset of the coronavirus. This period, frozen in time (briefly, we hope) is an important reference point for understanding what was working, and what might need to change as we emerge from the current lockdown.

So without further ado, let's look at the numbers.
Top 2019 Originators - closed-end loans, 1-4 unit properties
One of the powerful aspects of the HMDA data is that contains rich details about every HMDA-reportable mortgage application/loan (we alternately refer to this as loan-level data or microdata). HMDAVision does not pre-aggregate these details - we let you make this choice, giving you the ability to apply filters in any combination to support your use cases. Let's start by looking at closed end loans secured by 1-4 unit homes:
Top 2019 Originators by Volume - closed-end loans, 1-4 unit properties
When we look at the same criteria by dollar volume, the top 5 list is a little different:
Top 2019 HELOC Lenders by Borrower Demographic
Adding to loan and property filters, we can also filter on applicant (borrower) attributes including age, ethnicity, race, and income level. In this example, we look at HELOC originations in age groups 25-34 and 35-44, without any filter for units in structure:
    Top 2019 Non-QM Lenders
    Next, we'll use the available loan and property attributes in the HMDA data to show the top non-QM lenders. The filters that build our non-QM definition are:
    • Loans with debt-to-income ratio > 43%
    • Closed-end loans
    • 1-4 unit properties
    • Conventional loans
    Defined this way, the total non-QM market for 2019 was 1,062,626 loans totaling $305,595,250,000; here are the top lenders:
    2019 Investors by Volume
    In 2019, for all originated or purchased loans, $1,109,322,710,000 was kept in portfolio (a 32.76% increase over 2018). For the rest, our final list ranks investors by loan volume purchased:
    "The HMDA data and reports are the most comprehensive publicly available information on mortgage market activity." -CFPB

    We close with this quote from the CFPB, the government agency responsible for administering HMDA, to anchor the value of HMDA data. To be clear, this quote is not talking about HMDAVision™, but we're confident that if you start one of our monthly or annual subscriptions, you'll have a similar response to our app. Click here to learn more, or jump in and subscribe here.
    Our rankings are based on HMDA data as reported by Reg C covered institutions and transactions. We have excluded Exempt and NA values. Source for tables in this post: HMDAVisionTM, © 2020, Polygon Research, Inc. 2018 data last refreshed (with updates and corrections posted by the CFPB) 3/3/2020. 2019 data last refreshed (with updates and corrections posted by the CFPB) 4/2/2020.