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HMDAVision® enables lenders, federal and state regulators, community associations, fintechs, investors, vendors with instant interactive market intelligence available on all devices with no need for downloads. Clients have no boundaries for what data they can access, where, when, or how. HMDAVision® provides a means to measure loan production and market share not only by loan type, but also by 100 additional dimensions that describe loan dynamics. A key feature of HMDAVision® is the ability to dynamically drill into mortgage lending patterns side-by-side with demographic and housing data at a market level defined by the user on the fly.

GovLoansVision™ shines a light on monthly FHA, VA, and USDA mortgage volume by channel, product, and geography for all time horizons: 6 years of historical data, year-to-date transactions, and InstantML forecasts into the future. Subscribers use GovLoansVision to Identify opportunities, to benchmark against the government lending market, including credit score, LTV, DTI, interest rates, and more.

CensusVision™ delivers instant insights found in the most recent 5 years of American Community Survey (ACS) microdata, available on all devices and with no need for software download. It allows an understanding of people within their communities by age, sex, ethnicity, race, education, income, occupation, and industry. CensusVision™ also delivers interactivity and instant insights into existing homeownership and housing affordability of different communities at every geographic level and affordability. Define and understand the diversity in your market by filtering by occupation, race, ethnicity, sex, education, and many other dimensions at any geographic level.

CRAVision gives banking stakeholders an interactive tool for mapping assessment areas and understanding CRA patterns and trends. Subscribers have access to insights and data on-the-go on all devices, without the need to download software on their PCs. CRAVision is the only service to include 5 years of CRA aggregate and disclosure data, blended with FDIC branch deposits and location, plus ACS housing and population data in a single interactive market performance solution. The blended data is augmented with powerful filters to segment data and to produce actionable insights in an instant. This is a must-have for those who want to have real and effective conversations about fair lending and access to finance.
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