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HMDA AI Fridays Strategy
You may have seen that the CFPB has data brokers and lender listing services in their crosshairs. If you’ve come to rely on either to help you generate new business, you can either adopt a wait and see approach, or you can get ahead of the curve – and the competition.
Let’s face it: paying for leads, either directly or indirectly, is only effective if you’re somehow getting information that your competition isn’t. It’s like airlines offering to let you board earlier in exchange for a fee – eventually it becomes a game of “pay this fee so you don’t have to be the last one to board”. At some point, there are simply no winners except for the people selling access.

So, what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to outsmart and outwork the competition. We live in an age of unprecedented data, and stunning abilities to access this data. Data now exists in volumes that we can’t even fully appreciate. With this stunning volume of data, it’s possible to drill down and get incredibly specific insights.
When it comes to any type of decision making, including business development, you want to be data-driven. Why? For starters, data not only helps you answer questions, but it can help you make sure you’re asking the right questions. It also helps ensure that you’re working smarter. After all, hard work in the wrong direction only makes it hard to reach your goals.

That’s where Polygon Research comes in.

We help you to outsmart the competition by giving you incredible access to microdata. Think of microdata as vegetables so finely chopped that your kid doesn’t even notice you’ve mixed them into their spaghetti sauce. By using microdata, you can get to the answers of some really specific questions – for example, if you want to know how well your top competitor is serving Hispanic and Latino borrowers who are buying homes in a certain Census tract using conventional financing, who have DTIs between 36% and 50% and are putting down 15% or less, we can help you answer that. Or you can choose to get more specific.
Look, we’re in an incredibly difficult mortgage market. The competition is fierce, and you need to understand where potential business is, and how you are doing in comparison to the competition. Whether you are a national lender, or only have a footprint that covers part of your state, high-level numbers aren’t going to help you in the way that microdata can.
Imagine being able to figure out what you’re leaving on the table, and seizing the business that should be yours.
With a lot of data, you usually have a lot of work to do – and that’s after you fight to even get it loaded into your systems. We’re talking writing code, having to engage in a lot of back and forth because you discover you didn’t take something into account, etc. It’s enough to make you not want to bother.
Thankfully, Polygon Research has created an environment that is geared towards your success. You don’t need any fancy tools – just a web browser. We also host the data, so that’s one less thing you need to deal with.

The big lift comes from our interface.

Mississippi mortgage market analysis
Snapshots are from HMDAVision for Mississippi state-level mortgage market, 1-4 units, Home Purchase. To come from national to this geographic and product view, you need a few seconds.
It’s a no-code environment, and in many cases, you don’t even need to type. You can actually click your way to insights that put you ahead of your competition. With a variety of interactive graphs, tables, and maps, you can achieve data scientist quality analysis without being a data scientist. We’re putting the power you need directly into your hands.
Maybe instead of outsmarting and outworking the competition, all you need to do is outsmart them…and then outsmart them some more by putting powerful data and analysis tools to work.
Now, we can’t do everything for you. You’re still going to need to decide whether you should be looking at HMDA data, Census data, or perhaps FHA and Ginnie Mae data. Of course, we can help you decide by showing you the power of these datasets, especially when used together, along with innovative tools that help you look at things through a CRA lens or our SPCP-in-a-Box offering.
We also offer a variety of support programs that give you different levels of analytical assistance. At the high end of the spectrum, you get unlimited in-depth assistance and advice. It’s almost like we’re doing everything for you, but you still might have to turn on your computer and click a few buttons. Life is hard.
Words and screenshots simply don’t do our products justice. You really need to see it in action, and maybe we can even answer a burning question you might have. Email us at info@polygonresearch.com or visit our website (https://www.polygonresearch.com) to get more information and to book a demo of our offerings.