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Strategic Planning for Mortgage Banking

MCGI Mondays Strategy

At the start of the year, we look at four strategic planning tasks, that you can easily do in HMDAVision.

During the strategic planning process, you would most likely have to perform several types of analyses. We focus on four key analyses that produce insights and naturally flow and fit in your strategic plan. 

Analysis of Your Lending Performance

Through HMDAVision you can explore without limitation any question about your lending performance, whether it is at a defined geographic level, or borrower segment, or loan product, or anything else, or any other combination. A lending performance analysis can simply be an analysis of your loan production volume, or it can lead to questions about your market share, channel strategy, borrower segments, and how you have been marketing, taking applications, underwriting, closing, and selling to the secondary market investors.

Product Development

In 2022, your product strategy has to be thoughtful. You can use a data-driven approach to analyze and to quantify what worked and what didn't. Are there any credit needs that are still unmet? Is your current loan product line-up adequate given the demographic dynamics in your market? Are your loan officers using the full breadth of your products to serve the communities you operate in? What you are looking for is gaps in marketing, in offering (or in loan product features), and for overall gaps in meeting the market credit needs. 

Peer Analysis

Understanding your brand in light of your peers or competitors in a specific market or segment is crucial for impactful strategic planning. This analysis will open your eyes to your specific strengths and weaknesses so you can respond to the threats and the opportunities presented from competing in the target segment or market. 

Market Opportunity Analysis

No strategic planning is complete without quantifying the market opportunity. That includes segmenting the market and developing deep understanding of the segments so you can have the right loan offerings and the right LO salesforce/channels to capture the market opportunity. 

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Infographic: Strategic Planning in HMDAVision