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Leading with Data Science 2022

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Leading with Data Science (LWDS) is a collaboration between Polygon Research and Fannie Mae's Future Housing Leaders program. We are excited to meet the 2022 cohort of 235 interns/young professionals today!

Beginning in 2020, we started teaching an annual summer class aimed at new entrants to the housing industry. As a data science company, Polygon Research understands the spectrum of available open data in the housing industry. We talk about and interactively explore (and share with the students) those data sets and teach the LWDS participants how to find the data, how to transform it, and how to use it in machine learning models. Specifically, class participants will have access to billions of rows of current and historical agency data via Snowflake data shares, will learn to write their own bottom-up machine learning code in Python, and will have access to Qlik AutoML for top-down multi-algorithm machine learning.

We firmly believe that if you want to lead in the housing industry today, you need to be fluent in the data the industry produces (and will continue to produce more of, in light of ongoing digitization of the mortgage process), as well as in modern techniques and tools to turn these huge data sets into useful information and strategic insights. As a leader who is data literate and empowered, you will be able to make your team members better, your company better, and your community better. 

This year, we are splitting the LWDS curriculum into 2 tracks: Single-family and Multifamily. This gives us a chance to explore the data in each segment in greater detail. We will apply and teach inferential, predictive, and end-to-end machine learning techniques as they relate to each segment.

In addition, we are introducing 3 capstone projects which LWDS participants who want to earn a certificate can choose from - see Figure 1 below. 

Fig.1: 2022 LWDS Capstone Projects

Our mission as a company is to empower people to imagine and create a better housing industry and better society through the application of open data. We are doing that day in and day out by providing best-in-class access to interactive web-based apps that inform decisions in the housing industry. And in the next 3 weeks, we will be empowering the new generation of housing leaders to lead and to create a better industry for all.