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2021 HMDA Live in HMDAVision!

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2021 HMDA Modified LAR data was released by the CFPB on March 23rd in the late afternoon. We have the data available and ready for analysis in HMDAVision, for all 4,316 reporting lenders.

In 2021, the overall mortgage originations were 2.43% higher than 2020, beating many of the industry predictions for a smaller market. 

Source: Polygon Research, HMDAVision, 1-4 units

We also saw a solid increase in purchase mortgage originations. The purchase mortgage loan production in 2021 was 8.65% year-over-year. Cash-out refinance saw the biggest year-over-year increase of over 37%, as shown in the figure below. 

Source: Polygon Research, HMDAVision, 1-4 units

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