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Polygon Research team delivered an analysis of the changing demographics and the impact on mortgage lending. Key topics covered were demographics as they relate to home buying trends, leveraging data points to help brokers understand where there are untapped homebuying audiences, and the importance of having a good understanding of these trends at the local market level.

The team highlighted relocation trends as a major source of opportunity to serve new home buyers and borrowers - every year, more than 15 Million households relocate. Most of these movers rent and some of them buy houses, which they finance either with mortgage or cash. The team emphasized the need to analyze relocation trends to anticipate demand for housing finance in your local market. Median income of Households who relocate and own with mortgage was $95,000. More than half of these households are married couples, but there are some niche opportunities to serve single-parent households and single people households. For the full powerpoint, email us at info@polygonresearch.com or Sign up for PRI Mailing List (polygonresearch.com)