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The Need for Mortgage Market Intel

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When it comes to market intel solutions for the mortgage banking industry, there are several hurdles preventing stakeholders from using it widely, including the high cost of information, assymetric information, trust, moral hazard from misuse of data, among other things.

At Polygon Research, we solve these frictions by delivering actionable mortgage market intel solutions at a price point that can be accessed equally by all mortgage market stakeholders – lenders/servicers, regulators, MLOs, managers, non-profits & associations, policy shops, consumer advocates, and fintechs.

Making mortgage market intelligence ubiquitous requires connecting and blending disparate data sets to deliver answers to common pressing questions among stakeholders as well as flexibility to also include answers to more specific and more complex questions for a variety of use cases.  

Our efforts did not remain unnoticed. We will be presenting the future of actionable mortgage market intelligence on the main stage of MBA's 2023 IMB Conference in San Diego. Polygon Research will be delivering demos with SimpleNexus, Total Expert, ICE Mortgage Technology, Halcyon, and Teraverde

Our interactive dashboards work with the speed of thought of our users and deliver insights at a granular geographic, product, borrower, and individual lender level that are used to improve MLO performance, make leads more efficient, and help lenders develop smarter competitive strategies. 

The key to the value we deliver is that we positioned our interactive market intelligence solutions on massive amounts of loan-level, person-level, and housing-unit level that data which are gathered and blended from disparate flat data sets, at different geography and time grains, and often stored as pdfs, excel tables, etc. Data that sits in tables or PDFs is not an actionable insight. An actionable insight is data you can interact with, that you can reason with and push back and use to evaluate your own performance.

We are leading the future of mortgage market intelligence by employing the full power of modern cloud technologies, AI/ML, and data visualizations to extract value from data. If you are interested in learning more, attend the IMB Conference, and/or book time with us to talk about how actionable mortgage market intelligence fuels the future of mortgage lending.