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Polygon Research Joins NCSHA

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Polygon Research is excited to announce that it has joined the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) as an affiliate member. NCSHA is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created by the nation’s state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) to advance through advocacy and education their efforts to provide affordable housing to those who need it.

Polygon Research contributes to the NCSHA mission by bringing state-of-the-art active intelligence into lending, demographic, and housing trends at the local level to the state HFAs to spur business development and innovation to serve more households more efficiently and effectively through new lending executions, wider capital options, and deeper relationships with the housing government-sponsored enterprises, mortgage bankers, non-bank lenders, and private mortgage insurance companies. Polygon produces cloud-based active intelligence solutions for all stakeholders in the housing industry.

is a collection of interactive dashboards that help HFAs dynamically access details about borrowers, loans, and lenders, at the census tract level, blended with ACS demographics data. Available on any device, insights can be instantly shared through links with other subscribers, which improves communication and efficiency among teams, regulators, and regulated entities.

is a collection of interactive dashboards which analyze people, households, homeownership, migration patterns, and property trends. Built on 5 years of 1-yr ACS PUMS data and the most current CPS data.

Data Literacy Workshops
equip staff with analytical skills needed to understand the data driving decisions around affordable housing and to keep up with rapid technology advances.

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