Polygon Research works at the crossroads of business and government with mortgage lenders, advocacy groups, and regulators to uncover the story behind the data and arrive at valuable insights.
Lyubomira Buresch
Founder & CEO
Lyubomira Buresch is the founder and CEO of Polygon Research, a data science and research firm creating data platforms and solutions that allow clients to differentiate themselves by leading with data. Lyubomira's previous successes include roles at Citibank and Bank of America. A Certified Mortgage Banker and alumna of the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Lyubomira is an sought-after mentor, instructor, and speaker. Outside Polygon Research, she is an active philanthropist through her work with ROSSCA.

Greg Oliven
Chief Technology Officer
Greg Oliven leads data science consulting and product development at Polygon Research. He is known for the commitment and expertise he brings to each product and client engagement. Greg's work is focused on leading clients through the virtuous cycle that starts with competitive advantage and leads to a better way of doing business for all. He holds a BA from Cornell University and an MBA from the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

Our team helps mortgage banking stakeholders transform their strategies for the 21st century and beyond by providing exceptional cloud products that drive interactive actionable market insights from open data to measure, compete, grow, and include. We augment people's domain knowledge and extend the bounds of the human potential of employees.
Vivian Horvath contributes to our market research and product development efforts, in ensuring our apps are catering to the varied stakeholders in the mortgage market domain, and as particularly related to the affordable housing and community development realms. She has three years of banking experience in credit markets, having worked as a real estate finance analyst at Morgan Stanley, as well as interning in the credit departments of Morgan Stanley and Barclays. Vivian holds a BS in Finance from Bocconi University.
Vivian Horvath
Research Associate
Jasmina Buresch develops Polygon Research's marketing communications plan, including the information architecture of company's website and Polygon's overall social media presence. Jasmina built and facilitated Systems Thinking workshops within the Fordham Social Innovation Collaboratory (FSIC) and in undergraduate seminars. She is currently finishing her MA in Quantitative Economics at Fordham University.
Jasmina Buresch
Communications Specialist
Clients and Partners
As a family-owned business, we are proud of our ability to provide our clients with the highest level of accountability and integrity in the development and delivery of our products and services. It is PRI's vision to have its high performance apps become the go-to tools for discussion and analysis within the U.S. mortgage industry.
Lyubomira Buresch, Founder of Polygon Research