Software-as-a-Service for HMDA research
The HMDAVision Software-as-a-Service app created by Polygon Research gives mortgage lending stakeholders an interactive tool for market intelligence and for red-flagging fair lending compliance issues. Clients have access to insights and data on-the-go on all devices, without the need to download software on their PCs.

HMDAVision Features:
Always refreshed with most recent year's HMDA Data - now with 2018!
HMDAVision is the only service to include 5 years of HMDA transactional microdata plus American Community Survey housing and demographic data in a single interactive market intelligence solution.
HMDAVision models over 70 million HMDA nation-wide transactions which users can cross-filter by any Loan, Borrower, Lender, or Property attribute. We also model ACS housing and population microdata on the 120,765,850 occupied Housing Units and 325,732,825 people in the US (2017 estimates).
When our customers log in, they have access to over 70 high performance charts, maps, and tables with fast, dynamic interactions to choose dimensions and measures, filter results, export data, and add visualizations to presentations. All charts instantly update with each selection you make.
Available on any device
HMDAVision is available via any browser on any device, and via app on iOS devices. API access available as an optional add-on.
Cloud Hosted
HMDAVision is hosted by Polygon Research on one the 3 major cloud-hosting platforms and delivered to our customers as a Software-as-a-Service solution. No installation or set up is needed - customers just need a web browser to get started. We provide security via SSL and multi-factor authentication.
Updated Continuously
HMDAVision provides data refreshes on both an annual and monthly release schedule. New charts and features are also rolled out on a continual basis as we incorporate customer feedback and facilitate new use cases.

HMDAVision Use Cases:
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