Leading with Data Science in the Housing Industry
A Polygon Research Course


This credential is issued for completing the learning criteria for Leading with Data Science in the Housing Industry 2023.

July 21, 2023 | POLYGON RESEARCH
To earn a certificate of completion, the recipient spent a total of 20-30 hours in educational activities:

  1. Attended live sessions and office hours.
  2. The recipient chose and began a follow-up data science learning path. There are 5 learning paths - management, data engineering, coding, machine learning, and statistics.
  3. The recipient had hands-on experience with Polygon Research apps, allowing for interaction with loan-level data, statistical records for people and households, and lender-specific insights. This was a guided experience thorough multiple use cases, and projects and assignments.
The recipient was engaged in an intensive course that combined live sessions, office hours, hands-on experience with analytical tools in the housing industry, and learning paths. For more information, visit the class website.
  1. High-level understanding of the housing finance industry value chain and the data that is produced and analyzed.
  2. High-level understanding of the data landscape and choice of learning paths to keep up with future developments.
  3. Descriptive data science using 37 million rows of HMDA LAR data to analyze geographies from sales and fair lending perspective, and to perform peer analysis.
  4. Descriptive data science using 5 years of U.S. Census 1-Year American Community Survey PUMS data (microdata) for people and households to perform demographic analysis and homeownership analysis.
  5. Understanding loan-level data for product segments like FHA loans over 14 years.
  6. Data science exploration of Agency MBS disclosure data sets to analyze current market trends (YTD, trailing 12 months).
  7. Data science exploration of servicing performance and measures.
The recipient had hands-on experience in performing analysis using loan-level data and person/household-level statistical records in the following interactive SaaS apps:
  1. HMDAVision
  2. CensusVision
  3. FHAPivot
  4. MBSPivot
  5. MBSPivot Servicing