Data-driven Compliance

We assist lenders with their compliance data analytics needs.

We are Certified Mortgage Compliance Professionals and we are data scientists.

Data is everywhere and is fueling AI/ML algorithms. Your regulators are data-driven.

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What is Data-Driven Compliance?

This is a modern approach to using data and advanced analytics to proactively identify and address potential fair lending risks within a lender's lending practices.
  • Focus on data

    Utilizing HMDAVision, lenders analyze loan application data, loan origination rates, pricing, and other lending metrics across various protected classes (race, ethnicity, sex, etc.). This allows for in-depth analysis of lending patterns and identification of potential disparities.
  • Risk-based approach

    HMDAVision's insights enable lenders to prioritize areas of highest risk, such as specific geographic areas, loan products, or borrower demographics. This allows for targeted efforts to ensure fair lending compliance.
  • Proactive monitoring and prevention

    By continuously analyzing data through HMDAVision, lenders can identify potential biases or discriminatory practices before they negatively impact borrowers. This allows for proactive corrective actions and mitigation strategies.
  • Enhanced decision making

    Data-driven insights from HMDAVision provide lenders with clear, factual evidence to inform decision-making on policies, procedures, and marketing practices, ensuring alignment with Fair Lending principles.
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