SPCP Analytics End-to-End
HMDA, Census, and CRA data sets in one place activated through interactive dashboards to produce insights and documentable analysis for determining need for SPCP.
We provide full transparency and visibility of data lineage without burdening you with IT lingo, implementation, or integration.
Geographic Boundaries
We allow you to define your market - one census tract at a time, or you can draw directly on the map to define your market. You can select county, group of counties, MSA(s), or state(s). Once you have zeroed in on your geography, start your analysis of the dynamics and the structure of the geographic market you have defined - demographic make-up and trends, homeownership and housing burden by demographic segment.
Defining your target geography is important when documenting and writing an SPCP plan.
Product Boundaries
Analysis of the use of loan products in the identified market by borrower demographic: product mix, features, originations by tract, e.g. majority-minority, LMI.
Perform loan type analysis.
Compare loan features like loan purpose, loan amount, Loan Term, Amortization, I/O, Balloon, lien status, occupancy status, among many others.
Compare loan pricing interest rate, rate spread, CLTV, DTI, discount points, origination charges, loan costs, lender credits.
Analyze your peers in this market - are their product offerings reach your target population more effectively?
How do you compare against the market?
Piece of mind with a robust analytical framework for SPCP Determining Need
SPCP Analytics in-a-box contains interactive dashboards that activate HMDA, Census, CRA data sets. Perform your analysis of SPCP need with confidence and repeat consistently as many times as you have to for every corner of your footprint. Data storytelling feature allows you to collect the results of your analysis in the dashboards and then to export your insights in a desired format - Power point, PDF, Image.
HMDA, CRA, and Census are data sets that can be analyzed methodically to determine SPCP need. SPCP Analytics in-a-box allows for immediate analysis. Explore each part of the analysis, document your findings, and go ahead include in your written plan.
SPCP Determining Need:
Data Analysis Steps
Community Lending
Has my market been served in other ways - e.g. community lending under CRA?
Population trends
Is the diversity in my market increasing?
What is the mix of minority vs. non-minority and how has it changed over the last 5 years?
What is the minority population composition by detail demographics?
What is the homeownership rate of minority compared to market-wide average?
Loan Production Analysis
Do lenders have any big deltas between closing rates by demographic group and minority census tracts? Can these gaps be closed with tweaking of operations or is there a need for SPCP?
Investor Appetite
What kind of loans have the investors been buying in this market? How is individual lender working with secondary market investors to balance borrower needs with investor appetite?
Loan Features and Pricing
How are loans priced to target demographic groups or geographies? Is loan pricing deterring minority borrowers? Does this analysis show SPCP need?
Underwriting Patterns
Do the applications from different groups have drastically different denial rates? What are the reasons for denial for minority borrowers or geographies? Are they likely to be solved by SPCP?
Application Mix
Are lenders reaching to all demographic groups and census tracts equally? Do they have any gaps in outcomes from marketing effort? Is there a need for SPCP to offer better marketing programs?
Performing SPCP analysis is not a guarantee that you will determine need for SPCP in your market.

But there is a value in the process as you will be able to evaluate and rethink how you are serving the credit needs of your communities; whether you are offering the full breadth of affordable lending products to facilitate homeownership growth.

In the words of our customers
Three Ways To Get Started
Interactive dashboards allow for streamlined and guided SPCP analysis. You don't need an IT or data analytics team to get started. You can do it alone!
If you don't want to do the analysis yourself, or you need an extension of your SPCP team, call us and we'll do the SPCP Determining Need analysis for each market you need.
Unload all aspects of the SPCP analytics to us. We will build & document SPCP Determining Need analysis, help with your written plan, and build a robust measurement framework with a dashboard to measure and communicate the results.