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Advisory Services

Our data-driven advisory services are built on data and analytics for informing business decisions and strategies. We analyze data to identify trends and patterns. We build predictive models and we use data visualization tools to communicate insights. The goal is to help lenders make data-driven decisions that improve performance and drive growth.

Data is everywhere and is fueling AI/ML algorithms. Your regulators, your vendors, and your customers are data-driven.

Are you?
You need analytics team to face the future of lending. Invest in your people.

When you sign up for Polygon's app, we are by your side helping you create power-house business analysts by training and coaching your staff.

We work closely with your staff to reach data fluency and mastery of the interactive market intel apps.

When you face intense competition and constraints in your target market, you need a winning strategy.

You can rely on us to find, interpret, and apply market insights accurately, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner.

We enable you to put your compliance on a solid data foundation to drive effective compliance throughout.

Leverage our certified mortgage compliance expertise and our extensive understanding of data and technology.